All aboard! Leaving Procrastination Station

Some of you have been patiently waiting, and I’ve been wanting to write this post for several months now. I wanted to document all of the preparation that led up to my initial move from LA to VA as it happened, so that it’d be fresh in my mind and delivered to you authentically (emotions and all). But in order to do any of that, I needed an introduction post. And this was supposed to be it. But it had to be perfect. So it never happened.


Procrastination is a nasty little devil. I’ve always claimed that “I’m just naturally a procrastinator because I get things done better when I’m under pressure.”And yes, while this has often been the case, I realized that when it came to creating purely for the sake of creating (like a blog or anything without deadlines made by someone other than myself), procrastination was no bueno because it led to inaction. But rather than try to figure out why I procrastinate and resolve that issue so it doesn’t happen again, I used it as a scapegoat.

Until now.

After doing some intense personal development work this past year, I’ve had breakthrough after breakthrough and learned SO MUCH about myself. And in the past few days, I’ve addressed this procrastination issue. I realized that I avoided doing things I didn’t know how to do perfectly out of fear that it would be wrong. In my mind, if it wasn’t perfect, it was wrong. So, I’d wait until I had that genius stroke of inspiration…which rarely happened.

Til now.

I asked myself what kind of a person I was being that caused me to procrastinate. Because it’s not the symptom I needed to address, it was the cause. The cause was me being someone who valued perfection over progress; someone who was not in action. So finally, I’ve committed to being someone who is in action and got my hands on the Passion Planner (get yours here!). I began putting my thoughts, dreams, wants and gratitude into existence because I realized that all we have is…


Ps. This wasn’t the introduction post I had imagined. But it is perfect. Why? Because it happened now. And it was a product of me being in action. And it has created the opportunity for me to write more about what I’ve been wanting to share because I got that first post out of the way. I have no idea how this blog will develop and that’s okay. As I continue to create, it’ll begin to take form. And that’s the beauty of creation. But it all starts with “a little less conversation, a little more action!” – Elvis Presley


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