Prepping, packing…and all that jazz!

People always say, “hindsight is 20/20.” That means after I actually take off, I’ll have an organized and compiled How-to-prep-and-what-to-pack-for-your-trip-around-the-world-list of my own.

peace bp.png

In the meantime, I borrowed some traveling bifocals (I’m cheesy… wanna be my macaroni? Kay, I’ll stop.) from others who have already set off on their journeys and am using the following compilation of posts from experts for reference on what to pack:

The Remote Nomad, by Katelyn Smith
Mashable Contribution, by Stephanie Walden
The Wirecutter, by WC Staff

With only 2 Fridays left, here’s where I stand:


What still needs to be done:

  1. Secure a remote job. I don’t think a second goes by that I’m not thinking about jobs. I even dream about it. This needs to happen soon so I can go back to flying over tree tops and fighting ninja turtles in my sleep. (If you know anyone hiring for a remote position, please let me know or pass along my LinkedIn Profile)
  2. Pay the reciprocity fee for Argentina ($160) Waiting for the Charles Schwab card…I’m thinking if I use it to pay for this instead of a different card, I won’t be charged the foreign transaction fee
  3. Unlock my phone…or buy one that’s already unlocked. Still weighing options on this one.
  4. Purchase travel insurance.
  5. Buy some additional wardrobe pieces & travel stuff (hiking backpack, shoes, etc.)
  6. File taxes. Happening this week!
  7. Get necessary meds – friends have told me altitude sickness pills are a must for Machu Picchu. Oh, by the way, I’m doing the Incan trail hike up to Machu Picchu!! Subscribe so you don’t miss that post! 
  8. Pack everything.
  9. Weigh everything. 
  10. Did I forget anything?…(If you think of anything, I’d appreciate a comment with a little reminder 🙂
As excited as the first day of school

What I’ve already done:

  1. Updated my LinkedIn and re-did my resume 500 times.
  2. Networked with someone new and applied for new jobs every day.
  3. Set up a blog. Thank you so much for visiting 🙂  Can’t wait to show you all cool stuff in Argentina!
  4. Added passport pages.
  5. Got my Bolivian visa. Well, I dropped it off to be processed…T-7 business days.
  6. Got my vaccines: Yellow fever, typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, and Tetanus booster since I had the Tetanus vaccine within the last 10 years. I had Hep A, B, and MMR from before, so didn’t need to get those. *Side note, so impressed with Kaiser! All my shots were covered, saving me $830!
  7. Set up a google voice number and got Whatsapp.
  8. Opened up a Charles Schwab account. No foreign transaction or ATM fees!
  9. Received an insurance quote.
  10. Picked up some basics like deodorant, skin-care, Zofran (anti-nausea), and 98% deet spray (I was a bit skeptical about this one…but it’s by OFF! and guarantees 10 hours of protection.) Actually, just today I came across this very interesting article about what repels mosquitos the best. Turns out Victoria’s Secret attracts men AND repels bloodsuckers…a valuable secret, Victoria.
  11. Got my bag! It’s extremely light – more open weight for the bottles of water I’ll have to bring, considering the travel nurse advised that I avoid using tap water to brush my teeth in all but 1 country that I’m going to. Just kidding about bringing the bottles of water…but not kidding about the teeth brushing thing. I. was. shocked.
  12. Bought my one-way ticket to Argentina! 

The final countdown, the home stretch, the last french fry on the sheet of ketchup-stained paper that tops the plastic red tray sitting between you and your sibling (you know how anxiety-inducing that last fry makes you…who’s gonna get it? Do you go with being polite? Do you take it?) 

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.50.54 PM.png
Yes, those are crocs. RY3, will you still walk around with me?

But overall, I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED, and ready to get started already 🙂


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