Downloadable packing checklist for long-term traveling

CLICK HERE to download and print this pdf checklist for Digital Nomads.

Here’s a preview (2 different pages with separated categories)

Real-life fails from not having a travel packing checklist:

There once was a time when I wore the same underwear for 3 consecutive days (of course I washed it every night and let it dry while I slept in all my natural glory so I’d have clean underwear for the next day).

And another time, I walked around Vegas during the day looking like I thought day clubs meant clubbing, but just in the daytime. I had actually forgotten to bring “normal clothes.” Picture me wearing a cocktail dress around outside in the 101 degree sunshine while everyone else was wearing short shorts and tank tops. (Shout out to my Hammies!) 

Seeing as I’m now T-5 DAYS AWAY from packing up for my year-long travels around the world, I created a PDF checklist to help myself make sure I don’t end up keeping my arms glued to my sides from forgetting to pack deodorant.

Now, I’m sharing it with you in case you’re like me and prefer to have a printed out list with boxes you can check off. (To my fellow RY3 Cousteaucians – peep the background 😉

How to use this checklist:

  1. Make sure all items are listed (I left blanks for you guys to fill in your own preferred items)
  2. Decide how many of each item you will bring and write that number in the box
  3. Check off that box once you’ve packed that many of that item
  4. Use this checklist as inventory for re-packing at the end of your trip
  5. Obviously I may need things that you guys don’t…just put an X in that box and judge away 😛

Happy packing! Know a friend who’s traveling soon? Share this checklist with them!

PS. I will re-address this topic of packing after a few months and let you guys know what was really needed/not-needed on the checklist.

PPS. If you KNOW that the checklist is missing something that people will probably need, please add it in the comments below and I’ll update the PDFs!


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