Staying healthy in Argentina

“Más!” …turn yellow knob clockwise and bob head to rave music

“Más!” …turn yellow knob clockwise and feel the burn in quads

“Más!” …turn yellow knob clockwise and turn red in face

“MÁS!” …turn yellow knob counterclockwise because I’m about to throw up my dinner

Lights were dim and colorful, and the loud whirring sound of the fans was drowned out by the blaring songs that qued us when to sit, squat, or stand — all while continuing the attempted high-speed rotations.

I snuck a pic while people were warming up

“Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos… y uno!” Our instructor’s hand made a fist in the air, letting us know that it was okay to rest.

Dripping in sweat, my legs quivered as I tried to stretch out my quads and hammies after 60 intense minutos of rapidly pedaling in sync with the teacher.

Success! First workout class in Spanish, listo (aka done in Spanish…see, I’m learning ;))!


Hold on — let’s back-pedal a bit:

It’s been 4 weeks since I set foot in a workout establishment. In between baskets of empanadas, meat by the whole cow, enough cheese to make you a year-supply of string cheese snacks (mmm…remember those?), and bottles on bottles of weekly vino, I am pretty sure my liver hates me – evidenced by a perpetual sense of sluggishness.

I do little video workouts like Insanity and Nike Fitness in my apartment or at the park, but my cardio level has taken a plunge as a result of one of my biggest regrets – leaving my running shoes in the U.S.

How can I stay healthy while traveling??

Almost as an answer to a prayer, at our Remote Year community lunch on 3/15, a local guy named Ezequiel presented on his company Clickypass. It’s basically a spinoff of ClassPass, but for 3 cities in South America so far: Cordoba, Buenos Aires, and Santiago (Chile).  The variety ranges from free gym-time by the hour to boxing to cosmic bowling! I’m not a runner, by any means, so this was extremely exciting for me!

Next post (already written, so coming very soon)…classes through Clickypass in Cordoba: 4 different classes, 4 totally different experiences


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