Meet Melissa

Hi, I’m Melissa.


Nice to meet you! Glad you made it here 🙂

At the moment, I’m traveling the world and pushing myself out of my comfort zone every single day.


If you want to try to put me in a box, I’m currently a Product Marketing Manager with and Founder of Job in the Mix.  As you can see, I’m never in one box – always have been a jack of all trades with interests and experiences all across the board, as a result.

For example, I have a degree in business marketing, worked in online marketing, hosted Youtube and TV shows in English and Korean, helped a college admissions counseling startup quadruple in revenue and develop into a profitable business. I’ve taught everything from Tae Kwon Do to English, and even painted faces for family nights.

Everything I do is based on curiosity and a passion for maximizing potential.

I’m convinced that the life I was living in the U.S. of A. wasn’t the best possible life I could live. To give you a little background, I was born in Korea, lived in several states in America, spent my youth in Germany, went to college and lived for a while in Los Angeles, lived in Korea for a couple years, and spent a cumulative half a year in Washington D.C. before deciding I needed to get out of my comfort zone again and explore more of the world.

Some people ask me if I’m looking for something, or if I’m running away from something. Both may have been true in the past, but now, in this moment, I’m simply being. I’m creating. Exploring. Discovering. Learning.

I’m learning how people in other places around the world live – the intricacies that are embedded in traditions, lifestyle habits that are discovered through the food, quirks of a city that represent a culture’s values and make it unique.


And now, I’m sharing all of that with you! (Including some tips for if and when you explore, which you totally should)


Some FAQ’s I get, and maybe you’re wondering the same things:

Why are you traveling around the world for a year?  Simply put, I’m a location-independent professional, working while traveling with a program called Remote Year.

How’d it happen?  I was one of 75 chosen out of 50,000+ applicants to participate in this year-long program where we travel to 12 different cities in 11 countries month-to-month.

So, do you work while on this trip?  It’s not a trip, it’s my life! I work every day just like I did while living in LA. Only difference is, when I’m not working, I now have a new world to explore right beyond my apartment door.

What do you do that allows you to live this way?  I’m so grateful that allows me to work remotely. That way, I can work during the week in a location where I can fully explore on the weekends.




I want to hear from you!

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